Provincial Advisory Committee on Child Abuse




The Provincial Advisory Committee on Child Abuse (PACCA) is a multi-disciplinary, multi-agency, community and cross-governmental body organized to meet regularly to consider issues related to all forms of child abuse. PACCA considers policy issues related to child abuse and provides recommendations to the Executive Director of the Child Protection Branch, Manitoba Family Services. Although the Government of Manitoba supports PACCA and is represented on the committee, PACCA is an independent body. 


Our Purpose

The general purpose of PACCA is to co-ordinate efforts to prevent the abuse of children. PACCA was established in 1972 pursuant to a joint commitment of the departments of Health, Education and Youth, Justice, and Family Services to recommend and advocate ways of ensuring effective and efficient interdepartmental and interdisciplinary action in Manitoba. The focus of this work includes service delivery, professional development, public education, treatment, prevention and research for children who may be victims or at risk of being victims of child abuse.


Membership on PACCA is by appointment under the authority of the four departments, related agencies and institutions.



If you have questions or would like further information about PACCA, please email us at




If you think a child you know is being

abused or neglected, call

the Designated Intake Agency (DIA) nearest you.


If this is an emergency, call your

local police emergency number.  



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