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** 2014 Recipients Announced **

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The Ian Logan Direct Service Award will ensure that individiuals who, day after day, relentlessly dedicate themselves to the field work are recognized for their constant contribution. This direct service work, which is challenging and with few commendations or accolades, is the grassroots work that ensures children are safe and family functioning is enhanced.

The Ian Logan Leadership Award will ensure that individuals who effect larger system changes, legislative policy and procedures, and educate the public and professionals are recognized for their efforts and contributions.

Both recipients are accomplished and one without the other would result in a huge gap, therefore, both will be equally celebrated.

You will find the two specific nomination forms are standardized and should make nominating individuals much easier. 


Scroll/poster to advertise the call for nominations here.

Nomination form for Ian Logan Direct Service Award here.

Nomination form for Ian Logan Direct Leadership Award here.


All nominations are to be submitted to:



PACCA – Ian Logan Memorial Award

 2nd Floor, 777 Portage Avenue

 Winnipeg MB R3G ON3 

 Attention: Ms. Lorna L. Hanson



For more information or clarification of the process, please contact Ms. Lorna L. Hanson at 204-945-7274 or at





** ILMA Event **



The 2014 Ian Logan Memorial Awards Event

will be held April 11, 2014, 4:30 - 7:00 p.m.

Golden Boy Room

Manitoba Legislative Building


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About the award


The Ian Logan Memorial Award (ILMA) was established in 1987 by the Provincial Advisory Committee on Child Abuse (PACCA) to recognize the tremendous contributions made by Sergeant Ian Logan. Sergeant Logan was a respected police officer, a child abuse consultant, and an advocate for children. He was the Coordinator of the Child Abuse Unit for the Winnipeg Police Service for many years. Sergeant Logan's dedicated work on behalf of children has created a lasting legacy. As a leader in the field of child abuse/maltreatment he was highly regarded within the Winnipeg social services community. He is remembered as a warm, understanding and care individual who made the protection of children his priority. PACCA created the Ian Logan Memorial Award to be presented to honour his achievements and keep his memory alive.


The ILMA is presented annually to deserving individuals to recognize work in the area of child maltreatment prevention. The award is not restricted to any one profession or only professionally designated persons, but is to recognize the work of any Manitoban who has enhanced the lives of children, youth and families across our province.

In 2010 it became evident that our definition of community had morphed; for we now know that children are exploited and abused in ways that did not exist when the ILMA was initiated.  Today’s candidates have a new world view on child abuse, prevention and have attained new strategies to deal with our ever changing world.


Effective 2010 the ILMA evolved to be awarded according to two categories; a Leadership Award and a Direct Services Award for the purpose of more accurately capturing the calibre and type of work of individuals across our province carry out and to ensure that individuals in both categories are recognized.


Past Recipients

The following is a list of the Ian Logan Memorial Award recipients:


1989 – posthumously Sgt. Ian Logan
1990 – Dr. Kenneth N. McRae
1991 – Award was not held
1992 – Award was not held
1993 – Award was not held
1994 –Ms. Leslie Galloway & Sgt. Robin Parker
1995 – Award was not held
1996 – Dr. Charles Ferguson and Ms. Rosemary Somers
1997 – Ms. Cynthia Willette
1998 – Ms. Barb Hodge
1999 – Mr. John P. Chudzik
2000 – Ms. Norma Boule
2001 – Ms. Brenda Ellerby
2002 – Dr. Jim Reid and Ms. Roz Prober
2003 – Award was not held
2004 – Janet Mirwaldt and Dr. Sandy Banks
2005 – Ms. Anne Loewen
2006 – Award was not held
2007 – Sergeant Brett Summers and Constable Marc Simard
2008 – Award was not held
2009 – Dr. Peter Markensteyn
2010 – Dr. Joan Durrant and Ms. Alana Brownlee
2011 – Retired Staff Sgt Kathie King from RCMP

2012 – Award was not held

2013 – Award was not held

2014 – Margie Fallis, Mike Morton and Dr. Eric Sigurdson

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